Seasonal Dark Roasts

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We offer a variety of seasonal dark roasted coffees.  Our current offerings are:

- Brazil French: From the Alta Mogiana region of Brazil, this coffee's flavor notes include chocolate and nuts with a bold finish.

- Sumatra Black & Tan: With both dark and medium roasted coffees, this Sumatran Black & Tan is earthy and chocolatey with a heavy body..

- Peru French: From the Cajamarca region on Peru, this coffee has flavor notes of chocolate, toffee, lemon, with a heavy body.

- Colombia French: This coffee is sourced from the Tolima and Hulia regions of Colombia.  Flavor notes include caramel and red fruit with a heavy body.

- Sumatra French: This is a grade 1 organic certified coffee with notes of tobacco, melon, and prune.

- Costa Rica Dark: With flavor notes of chocolate, caramel, and pear with a heavy body, this coffee is sourced from the Alajuela Province.